eleven in a scrunchy fron stranger things

Stranger Things character 11 shows news sides of herself in the latest season

If you don’t know what Stranger Things is then you’ve probably been living under a rock, and if you haven’t watched it I just have one question to ask; why do your friends suck and refuse to share their Netflix account with you?

The show follows a group of middle schoolers (now high schoolers) in the 1980s as they try and save their town of Hawkins, Indiana from dangerous world of the Upside Down. 

Stranger Things had gained overnight success after it’s season 1 drop in July 2016 and has had a loyal following since it’s climactic two-part finale debuting on July 1st of 2022. 

Stranger Things does a great job of making viewers feel this sense of nostalgia for a decade that many of them were not alive in. But, even though we can’t go back in time to the 80’s, these 10 Indie songs will definitely make you wanna break out your leg warmers and shut down the Upside Down.  

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