Cerrone Landscape Credit Theirry Le Goues

I’ve been told you can’t truly know disco unless you were there when it started. And while I am obsessed with the modern sounds of Disco and Nu-Disco productions, there always seems to have been a missing link in my knowledge of the genre. 

So with the release of his new album, ‘Cerrone By Cerrone,’ we decided to invite this godfather of ’70s disco to curate his favorite songs that he believes defined the genre; both in its original iteration and in its more modern form. 

So let’s dive into the ten songs that shaped the genre of disco through the ages. 

Stream ‘Cerrone By Cerrone’ Below

This album is a testament to the artist’s career that spans the better part of five decades which is an impressive feat in its own right.

Throughout the album, Cerrone revisits a choice selection of his most popular hits and most iconic tracks. These reworks include new features and guest collaborations and are all mixed by the artist himself. 

‘Cerrone By Cerrone’ has a little something for everyone; timelessness, sexy aesthetics, hedonism, funk, and insatiable grooves. I wasn’t there for the heydays of disco, but this album brings a level of verisimilitude to the genre that modern disco fans need to feel like they were there during the genre’s best moments. 

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