For a long time, dub techno took us to new heights with the sounds of Echocord, Deepchord, STL, Levon Vincent, and Basic Channel (Rhythm & Sound and Maurizio), who coined the genre in the early 90s. 

After the pandemic, deep and hypnotic techno, which was hyped for a few years, faded away as clubs and restrictions struck. Ambient music – especially ambient techno and atmospheric/ field recordings – peaked in conjunction with the current global mood, which was more low-key at the time. 

Dub techno intrinsically took over back and transitioned as a natural reflection of what nice contemporary music shall bring us currently: depth, inner sense, and beauty. 

In that direction, 2022 was an excellent year for any dub sounds, oscillating between ambient/ atmospheric, deep house/ techno, and overall minimal music. When sunset sets in and the mood shifts, here is when dub techno strikes, with subtle deep bass and melodic percussions, layered by hypnotizing, seductive dub chords or atmospheres. 

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