4am Kru share 10 Jungle Moments: Past & Present

Releasing another high-energy rave anthem is London-based UK Jungle & Breakbeat producers 4am Kru, with their new single “Pianos Raining Down” released via Another Rhythm. Written and produced in collaboration with house veterans Mcdonalds and Jannetta, the single explored the duo’s passion for blending the old with a new production standard.

The track is a tasteful blend of bass-filled grooves and delicate instrumentation. The pianos add a pleasing melodic line over the top where the vocals can shine on top; all the while, the drum and bass elements work their magic underneath. It has everything a killer jungle track needs, and the two producers deliver it with a masterful touch few can rival. 

As one of the most exciting names in the UK rave scene, with a passion for rave music in 2022 and way back through its origins, we asked the duo to compile a top 10 moments in jungle.

Stream Pianos Raining Down (Out Now Via Another Rhythm)

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