Horror games for cheap

Horror games come in all shapes and sizes. Horror shooters force you to be fast on your feet and lighting-quick with your trigger finger to fend off waves of monsters and eldritch creatures. Survival horror pits you against the elements while you fight for you life against all the horrific odds…

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And if you’re like me, you simply cannot get enough of it all. Because there’s nothing better than the pump of your adrenaline as you gun down a Resident Evil zombie, counting each shot you take because you know you only have one clip remaining. 

But when the journey is done and you come out the other side alive, there is a bit of a come down effect as you are forced to reckon with the fact that it’s now time to (usually) cough up another $60 to purchase you next horror-gaming experience. 

Well that ends today, because we’ve put together a rapid fire list of the best horror games that you can buy today for less than the price of a bag of chips. 

Buy Resident Evil: Revelations 2 For $.77

The Resident Evil franchise is a staple of any horror-gaming fan’s collection. And there are so many different titles that fit under the RE umbrella (pun intended) that it can be easy to let some of the lesser known titles slip through the cracks. 

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