playlists that scratch the itch - cat scratch chin

The average music listener usually has a few basic playlists on hand. Among these, there’s probably a happy one, a sad one, a workout one—maybe even a couple of genre-specific sets. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

But it’s the musical equivalent of eating at McDonalds.

Why limit your song categories when you could dine on playlists that get a bit more interesting? Instead of deciding between chicken nuggies and a Big Mac each day, your library could transform into a Michelin Star menu of options—for no extra charge.

Try making your own version of these five types of playlists. Or, if you don’t know where to start, check out mine. See if you don’t wind up craving them. You might even become the friend who gets the aux.

1. The Beach Drive Playlist

Upbeat. Sunshiney. Badass. Meant to be played with the windows down. 

The soundtrack for your hot girl/guy summer. Enough said.

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