Alice et moi press shot Marion Gabrielle Ludivine François

French speakers might call their equivalent of indie music, “musique indépendante,” “musique non conventionnelle,” or “la musique ‘indie.'” But whatever you call it, French indie music is undeniably cool. Wouldn’t you love to have your top Spotify genre pop up as French indie music? 

Besides sounding cool in theory, French indie music rocks, too. Tracks’ vocalists exhibit everything from Parisian nonchalance to bitter French passion, and lyrics to these tunes are often multi-layered and tongue-in-cheek. Of course, being indie music, they still carry that golden spirit of indie quirkiness with them.

Still confused as to what “indie music” really is? Our ultimate guide can help.

While you might’ve heard of names like Christine and the Queens, there’s a French indie music world beyond that. Read on for our five favorite songs that’ll get you into French indie music.

Warning: playing our sick recs is one of the surefire ways to become the friend who gets aux.

Songs to Help You Get Into French Indie Music

“Où va le monde” – La Femme

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