Submithub Alternatives

Music promotional is essential if you ever want to get out of the garage and catch attention from the masses

Every day there seem to be more and more ways for artists to promote their music. It can be hard to know who to trust if you’re looking for a paid promo service to send your music.

Submithub was the leading resource for getting your songs to Spotify playlist curators, but times have changed since they reigned supreme. So we’ve done some curating of our own and found the best ways for musicians to market their music and get their releases into the hands of other artists and curators who can help them market their music further.

Each one offers something unique in its own right and easily separates itself from the standard offerings of Submithub. Some are better for artists and labels, and others might be better based on the style of music you’re producing or releasing. So let’s dive into what we found after scouring the internet for the best Submithub alternatives.

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