If you’re playing Elden Ring for hours on end, and we all know that we are, having an awesome background is the best way to keep things interesting (even when you’re not playing).

And with a game with as much depth and nuance as Elden Ring, every person is sure to discover their own unique moments, shots, and memories within the game that they want to capture forever in their desktop. 

But when you try a simple screenshot to use as your desktop image, it never comes out as perfect as you imagine. 

So we did the heavy-lifting for you, and dug around the internet to find the absolute coolest, most badass, and most unique images that work perfectly for your desktop.

So let’s dive in…

The Best Elden Ring Wallpapers (210+ Elden Ring Wallpapers)

It’s easy to find the generic stock images from Elden Ring’s prerelease. What becomes harder is finding truly unique artwork that is inspired by the game we love. 

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