The excitement around soft synths and their relationship to software development these days is palpable. 

While entire worlds are being built out in the metaverse, audio plugin developers are in a race to outshine each other with incredible tools for modern day producers and sound designers. And while your DAW likely has at least one decent stock synth you should most definitely master, these incredible soft-synths provide endless inspiration, flexibility, and diverse sound palettes that can help take your productions to new heights. 

Personally, I use each and every one of these (and more) — so I wanted to shout out a few that often get looked over, because these are acts of genius and more than worth their asking price. Note: the following are ranked in no particular order.

Newfangled Audio’s Generate

Soft synth generate

This is by far one of the growliest, most differentiated soft-synths I’ve ever used.

Developer Dan Gillespie and his Newfangled Audio projects are absolutely top-notch (check out Newfangled’s Elevate Mastering Bundle, it’s incredible, too). Distributed under the Eventide umbrella, Generate is a polysynth with eight “chaotic oscillators,” and it’s the chaos these oscillators deliver, combined with this synth’s underlying analog theory, that make it so special. 

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