Headlights bounce into your driveway. You pull on your Filas. You grab a jacket. You jog to the waiting car. As you hop into the front seat and mumble hello, your coolest friend passes a black wire into your sweaty hands. You’ve been waiting all day for this.

The chance to be on aux cord.

After just one Weezer song, though, he coughs uncomfortably.

“Uhh… would it be okay if I take care of the music for this trip?”

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being granted authority over a duo drive’s soundtrack—and nothing more humbling than having that privilege be taken away. Maybe your friends already beg you for your godly car tunes. Maybe not. 

Either way, we’ve got you! Just follow these steps to become a pro listener, playlist-maker, and queue curator. You (and your friends) will thank us later.

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