Progressive house is all about the big payoff at the end of a tension-filled build. And if you’re a producer who has spent hours crafting a perfectly melodic breakdown that only builds into a flimsy final drop, your entire production will be dead on arrival. 

If you want your progressive house productions to hit hard in a club, car, or headphones, then you pay attention to the details, create contrast, and you need to listen to how the pros do it. 

Enamour’s latest remix is a true masterclass on this as it manages to create tension that explodes into the track’s peak-time finale. We had the opportunity to sit down with the Anjunadeep and Armada-signed producer to pick his brain about what exactly goes into making his signature variety of club tracks hit as hard as they do. 

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Before we dive headfirst into the high-level production tips shared by the artist, it is important to study exactly how he manages to create the explosive impacts that he does. 

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