His sound has been described as ‘a journey to the dark corners of one’s inner self’, and there’s no doubt that Alignment, aka Italian techno artist Francesco Pierfelici has taken listeners on a sonic voyage with his musical output to date, including five releases on Charlotte de Witte‘s KNTXT imprint. 

His latest release is the Old School EP, which landed at the end of the summer, and captures the uncompromising techno sound he has become synonymous with from previous releases. You can purchase that here. 

909originals caught up with him.

Hi Francesco, thanks for talking to us. Let’s start by talking about your latest EP, Old School. How would you describe it?

Hi, thank you too for the interview. Old School and The Sound are the two tracks on my new EP released on the KNTXT sub-label, RPM. 

Old School is a track created for the dance floor, characterised by a minimal and sharp style with percussion and an almost tribal rhythm that blends with modern hard techno sounds. The Sound has a more trance vibe, characterised by a melody, a vocal and a drop that will make you dance incessantly! 

Normally my productions are more focused on emotional melodies, but for this EP I wanted to create something more minimalistic and effective for the dance floor.

You’ve been closely associated with the KNTXT label since early on in your production career – what is it like working with the label, and with Charlotte de Witte? Does she have a hands-on role with the label?

I’m working with KNTXT for many years now, and for me it’s something really special. I’m very happy to work with these guys for my releases and play also for them at the KNTXT parties around the world. KNTXT is a label and a place where I can express myself with zero compromise. 

Myself and Charlotte know each other artistically since 2011, when she was Raving George and I was Nerter. We both were playing electro and she was already supporting my music, then we found each other again when we started making techno. In 2020, I made my first release on KNTXT. They gave my project a big exposure on the techno scene.

What inspired you to start making music?

I come from a family where everyone has at least studied and played an instrument at some point in their life. My father is a music teacher and I came into contact with this world from a very young age. I studied clarinet and classical music for some years, until at the age of 13 I started to get passionate about hip hop music. I started producing my first beats with FL studio and produced this kind of music for five or six years until I discovered club music. 

I started going to clubs when I was 18, and it was there that I discovered electro. I played electro for several years, performing in various clubs in my area in Italy. In 2016, I decided to close this chapter and move to Berlin to start producing techno and start my current project.

Italy is obviously renowned for its techno DJs and producers. What clubs/artists should we look out for, in your eyes?

Italy is very full of talented producers and artists and we have a lot of good clubs and festivals. Despite this, I believe  that almost everyone leaves Italy to try to start a musical career outside, because it is really hard to emerge or have the opportunity to play in renowned clubs in Italy if you are not already known in the rest of Europe. I believe that in  other parts of Europe, like Berlin, for example, they give artists much more opportunity to grow.

What artists (or indeed other forms of art) influence you in your productions?

I really like listening to all kinds of music from classical music to film soundtracks, hip hop, d&b etc. I don’t think there is a specific thing that influences me, as I am very influenced by everything that is connected to music.

What’s the most essential piece of equipment/software in your collection, and why?

Nothing special, I love working only in digital with a VST PC etc. All I need is a keyboard, a soundcard, two studio speakers and a well-soundproofed room.

What doe the rest of the year have in store for you?

Many things – but it is a bit too early to announce them! Keep your eyes on the project and you will have news about it soon.

Thanks Alignment for talking to us. You can buy the Old School EP here. 

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