We are suckers for a turntable with a difference and this one certainly sets the bar pretty high. The turntable has been designed by the trio of Sang Keun Kim Kyung, Jun Lee Cheon, & Ryong Choi, the RMV (Retro Modern Vibe) Turntable received its inspiration from vintage typewriters and Leica cameras.

On the face of it, this turntable can appear to be quite simple but there is some serious tech behind this piece of kit. The tonearm is digitally operated and mounted at two points across the platter and has a cartridge that travels freely within its hollow structure. Next to the platter is a very rigid control layout, with an on/off knob, volume rocker, and buttons to play, pause, and skip, while the rear contains more thorough controls which are hidden from sight.

The RMV can be displayed in a number of different ways: laid flat, hung on the wall vertically, or propped up at an angle via the integrated kickstand.

You can find out more about the RMV Turntable HERE

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