Hip-hop and trap production thrives on having a blend of textures and instruments on your beats. And while a dissonant synth hit or affected vocal chop might sound dope in a track, nothing beats the authentic vibe of a real piano in your productions.

But pianos are tricky to get right in the digital production space. Suppose the velocity layers, dynamic range, and recorded samples aren’t on point in the plugin. In that case, it’s going to sound fake and inauthentic.

We broke down the best piano VST plugins of today so that you can get unique sounds in your next beat (even if playing the piano is something you don’t know how it’s done).

Hip-Hop Producers Playing Piano

Before we dive into the plugin recommendations for the best piano VSTs, here are a handful of today’s best producers and rappers flexing on the keys to motivate you to do the same.

ReFx Nexus 2

ReFx Nexus 2

What Is It?

Virtual analog synths have their advantages, offering some extra programming options. Still, reFX’s Nexus 2 rompler provides some of the highest quality samples. We now have an expansive and ultra-fat sound of sampled instruments and all the programming power needed to create any kind of music we can imagine. This is a fantastic time to be making music!

Why We Love It For Producing Trap Music

Nexus 2 is one of the best-sounding synthesizers on the market at the moment, and not just for pianos. It sounds so dam good that tons of the top producers, Timbaland and South Side, are known to use this rompler heavily in their productions. So once you hear the classic sounds of the piano, it will be easily recognizable on some of the biggest hits on today’s radio.

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