Magic Hour Album Cover Shot By Julien Sage 

Magic Hour Album Cover Shot By Julien Sage 

On Friday, October 7th, Indie Rock band Surf Curse released their latest album Magic Hour, and magic it really is. 

Unlike the band’s previous three albums, Magic Hour is a lot more polished and definite. If you look back at their first album, Buds, you can see the makings of a strong band but it sounds like a first album. While still good, it feels rough and like it’s missing something. 

With their third album, With Heaven Surrounds You, we are still given that Indie Rock sound but we are given a more composed version of it, the voice is clearer. Magic Hour shows the promise and growth of the band and solidifies their place in the Rock scene. 


The album starts off with track one, “Arrow”. “Arrow” was the last single they released before the album. As the first song, “Arrow” sets the vibe for the entire album, we know right away that we are not getting a typical Surf Curse album, we are getting more, we are getting a 70’s rock kind of angst.  

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