About a year after the drop of his latest EP, “It’s Not Over”, Upon You co-founder Marco Resmann returns to the label with “Box In A Box”. A three-track trip into his many-faceted headspace, crossing over elements of deep-diving techno, housey lushness and hair-rising electro, this new iteration from the Berlin producer beckons us onto hybrid futuristic horizons through a versatile palette and clinical, crowd-enslaving manoeuvres.

A quirky number tailored for spooky dance floor hoodoo, the title-track rolls and sways like a zombie in search of the next brain to devour. A concert of dissonant bleeps, bloops and FX-infused machine funk, coated with a hazy sauce of reverbs and processed pads, this one has Halloween heater written all over it. Entrenched in a dystopian atmosphere that sadly seems all too actual, “New World Order” ft. Tony Philips on vocals works a different seam of brooding house, both irresistibly suave and somehow dizzyingly ominous, laced with a tang of buzzing electro-rock. It also sends a message of positivity for all to listen to. A humble call for peace when only warheads and bullets can be heard swishing past.

Topping the release off, trouble-brewing pumper “Koepenick” proves a definite WoMaD when it comes to filling your woofers to the brim with that hot sauce of knee-buckling breaks, altered piano stabs and orbital groove from outer space.

1. Marco Resmann – Box In A Box
2. Marco Resmann – New World Order feat. Tony Philips
3. Marco Resmann – Koepenick

Marco Resmann’s ‘Box in a Box’ EP will be released on Upon You Records on 9th December.

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