A new version of Ableton Live will land early next year.

Live 12 is a major update designed to spark musical creativity by introducing playful MIDI tools for generating unexpected ideas.

It includes tools that will add simple or complex variations to your MIDI clips and new MIDI tuning systems and editing capabilities. There are also new devices and sounds with surprising capabilities such as Meld, an experimental two-oscillator synth; Roar, a new coloring and saturation effect; and Granulator III, the latest iteration of Robert Henke’s granular instrument.

The update also includes workflow improvements, including a simplified cleaner look and the Stacked Detail view, which allows you to see your devices, clip editor, and automation at the same time.

Ableton has also made updates to its mixer, which was previously only available to see and use in Session view. It can now also be used in Arrangement view. It’s also easier to read and control, allowing for more detailed mixing possibilities.

Live 12 will be available in early 2024. A discount offer is running from now until the release. During the promotion, all new Live 11 editions are 20 per cent off. The purchase of any new Live 11 edition entitles customers to a free upgrade to its corresponding Live 12 edition upon release.

Live 12 will cost 79 Euros or $99 for Live Intro; 279 EUR or $439 for Live Standard; and 599 EUR $749 for Live Suite.

Existing Ableton Live owners should log in to their accounts to check upgrade pricing.

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