The Last Glacier Still

Still from The Last Glaciers

Above & Beyond and Darren Tate have released a new soundtrack for a documentary film called The Last Glaciers. The film is out in select theaters today, March 22, in support of World Water Day.

Directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Craig Leeson (A Plastic Ocean) and United Nations Mountain Hero & Entrepreneur Malcolm Wood, The Last Glaciers is a documentary chronicling a four-year, cross-continental journey to explore the cause and effects of climate change in Antarctica, the Himalaya, Alps, Andes and more.

The soundtrack covers 26 minutes with moments of serene bliss or songs that lean into the peril that these vital and gorgeous mountains face, like on “The Ascent.” The soundtrack has a large, cinematic sound to it, fitting for a film that is for IMAX theaters.

They worked with a live orchestra and combined that with the artist’s electronic production, which really comes through on songs like “Nasa Flight.”

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