The world of house music owes a good deal of gratitude to Phuture, the Chicago pioneers that helped forge the acid house sound with tracks such as Acid Tracks, Rise From Your Grave and We Are Phuture.

The DJ Pierre-led outfit, which has seen members come and go over the years, has announced a forthcoming single, Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!), which will be released on 29 March on Pierre’s Afro Acid label.

As well as the title track, another Chicago pioneer K’ Alexi Shelby, takes on remix duties, while the release also features a remix from Los Angeles-based producer KMRT, as well as a Dark Techno mix of the original.

According to a press release, Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) features ‘swinging beats and raw percussion with a menacing spoken word vocal looped up top. More intense voices add further dystopian energy next to twisted synth stabs and a fat bassline that never quits.’

The story of how Pierre – along with Phuture compatriot Spanky – created the seminal Acid Tracks is the stuff of legend. As a recent article for noted, Spanky stumbled upon a Roland TB-303 bass synthesiser at a pawn shop. As the pair began to learn more about the unit’s capabilities, Pierre began manipulating the machine’s knobs, adjusting the frequency and resonance of the basslines.

This experimentation led to the creation of an irresistible ‘squelchy’ sound, which ultimately formed the foundation of Acid Tracks (initially titled In Your Mind) and heralded the birth of the acid house sound. Now, more than three decades later, he continues to adopt a forward-thinking approach to music.

Phuture – ‘Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!)’ is released digitally via Afro Acid on 29 March 2024.


01 – Phuture – Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!)
02 – Phuture – Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (K’ Alexi Shelby Remix)
03 – Phuture – Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (Kmrt Remix)
04 – Phuture – Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (Dark Techno MiX)

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