Adana Twins

The Adana Twins are a duo from Hamburg who has been on the slow and steady rise to infamy for a decade. Their first official release hit the airwaves in 2012, and since then, their career has been steadily building, brick by brick, to bring them to the level of superstars today. 

Careers like the Adana Twins are a testament that no one single gig, moment, or song will make or break your career but more a showcase that careers like theirs are all about taking advantage of every opportunity and getting the most out of every release, mix, moment, gig, and more. 

So to celebrate the release of their latest single, we had a chance to sit down and pick the duo’s brains about the five biggest moments that defined their careers and their advice on how you can create similar moments in your career. 

So let’s dive into these moments (but first, take a look at their latest single…)

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