“The title ‘The Big Picture’ is about seeing things from a positive perspective, the album wants to be an optimistic pill although a big reflection of what I have been, what I lived and what I have become at this very moment. I feel in an age where I feel fine looking at the past as much as looking forward to the future.” (AFFKT)

Definitely inspiration strikes in a myriad of waves. New AFFKT’s album brings together all the best feelings and elements of the Spanish producer creativity into one cohesive release. New concepts and styles to deliver everyone some of the energy that needs to be released after a forced pause.

Sonically speaking ‘The Big Picture’ is probably his most expansive and multifaceted electronic-driven album to date. AFFKT’s carefully constructed retro-futuristic electronica definitely suggests the quaint and unique forms of body music bringing ties with rock, pop and certainly more organic sounds. The musician is creating a new path, a new future by travelling to the past. This new LP is redefining its own new genre somewhere between techno, indie dance, industrial and new wave inspirations. He perfectly manages to thrill us –in a very and innate sense- as well as taps into our very core.

That said the songs of the new album hide unforgettable moments in the artist’s life. Let’s take the song ‘Bloom’ as an example. The melody is inspired by a song AFFKT’s mother used to play him when he was a child (‘Eye in the Sky’ by The Alan Parson Project). ‘Abre los ojos (feat. ELLE)’ which talks about dreams, borrows its title from the famous 1997 film by Alejandro Amenábar. ‘Ueli’ is a beautiful tribute to his grandmother who now passed away almost a year ago; another big mark of respect is ‘Adiós ayer (feat. Piek)’ on this occasion with the iconic Ibiza DJ José Padilla -who also passed away recently and who was undoubtedly a reference for AFFKT- in mind.

“For instance, the song entitled “End of the Road” is a kind short story written by me, but read by a robotic voice. It says: From the top of the mountain you can see the end of the road. Nothing looks the same from this point; the old fears are gone and everything seems to make more sense; the vision and sensations from up here is such it; it has undoubtedly been worthy. I definitely see my music as a really colourful open-minded combo of many different sounds that is an important dogma to me” AFFKT attests.

Unlike when composing an EP, AFFKT likes to build his albums in a cinematic way. By taking a sonic approach to telling stories. The artist is looking for a deeper, more descriptive way of working and describe feelings, moods, by using a different language. ‘The Big Picture’ can be enjoyed while dancing, as well as serving as emotional therapy.

‘The Big Picture’ album will be released exactly 4 years after the previous ground-breaking LP ‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ on Sincopat. Interestingly, AFFKT’s debut album –‘Punto 0’- was also released with a difference of 4 years. This must somehow hide some runic secret and mean something. Something good!


1. As Far As We Can Go
2. Abre los ojos feat. e11e
3. Calipso
4. Zambomba feat. Sutja Gutierrez
5. The Dream is Real
6. End of the Road
7. Bloom
8. Jandia
9. Nothing’s Gonna Change My World
10. Let it Burn feat. Sutja Gutierrez
11. Torpedo
12. Ueli
13. Adios ayer feat. Piek

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