Danish audio company AIAIAI demonstrates its ongoing commitment to creation with the unveiling of two new editions to its award-winning and uniquely modular TMA-2 range. Trusted by music creators and performers on the road, in the studio, and on stage, AIAIAI continues to set impressive new standards for component headphones.

Featuring an upgraded sound quality and focus on the evolving demands of the modern production environment, the new TMA-2 Studio and TMA-2 Studio XE models are professional modular studio headphones equipped with AIAIAI signature audio and superior comfort. Building upon the industry leading and history of the constantly evolving TMA-2 headphone, AIAIAI’s commitment in producing high-quality headphone ranges is at the forefront of its ethos. The new TMA-2 Studio range has been in development for a number of years, extracting and advancing the impeccable audio quality and design of the TMA-2 headphones which are used globally by creators. Working in collaboration with a network of audio professionals, the TMA-2 Studio headphones take all the defining features of the TMA-2 model to create two new editions, curated for the studio setting and to enhance dynamic workflow. Both editions are set to be released in mid-July.

A headphone for discerning music makers, the TMA-2 Studio features highly detailed audio from the signature bio-diaphragm driver which ensures precise and reliable audio and isolation for the creative process. The bio-cellulose speaker diaphragm is made of a bacterial cellulose, an organic compound grown using certain types of bacteria. Renewable and biodegradable, with powerful acoustic properties, the diaphragm is made up of a structure of fine fibres. These fibres construct a very solid but lightweight material making it ideal for a speaker diaphragm.

“We are inspired by the rapidly growing community of music makers. The entry barriers to music creation have never been lower and we’re excited to be part of it! With the Studio and Studio XE, we bring the best from years of collaboration with artists and the award-winning TMA-2 into the hands of more creative people all over the world.” – Frederik Jørgensen (AIAIAI, Co-founder)

Applauded for their sturdy build and responsible design, the new additions to the range continue with innovation; providing enhanced comfort in the form of indulgent and resilient ear cushions covered in Alcantara on the TMA-2 Studio model and lightweight vegan leather cups with the TMA-Studio XE respectively. With both the TMA-2 Studio and the TMA-Studio XE featuring AIAIAI’s awarding winning and industry first bio-diaphragm driver, the Alcantara ear cushions are the perfect pairing on the TMA-2 Studio model creating both high-level comfort and increased sound profile. The new inclusion of the lightweight vegan leather cups on the TMA-Studio XE offer higher sound isolation, resulting in an advanced and diverse workflow for users. Both new editions also include the C02 cable which has been a signature feature of the TMA-2 headphone making it an ideal asset for studio production.

Both models revolve around the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System, which since its launch in 2015 has now become an industry benchmark with the uniquely bespoke opportunity to upgrade individual parts, or change between different combinations, extending longevity of the product.

The latest editions to the range will be available from mid-July at SRP €229.00 for the TMA-2 Studio and at SRP €179.00 for the TMA-2 Studio XE. AIAIAI have also partnered with digital DJ and music production software company Serato, to offer an exclusive bundle when purchasing the TMA-2 Studio headphones. Consumers will receive a free, limited time monthly membership to Serato’s music production DAW, Serato Studio.

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