If you are a fan of Scanner, Nils Frahm, or Max Richter and like your neo-classical with a small dose of experimental peppering, then Clarice Jensen’s new album on the 130701 imprint will delight and astound you.

Cellist/composer Clarice Jensen has created a concept album focused on chromesthesia, a condition where sound involuntarily evokes an experience of shape, movement, and color. This idea may sound ambitious, but Jensen brings it together with a stunning, dynamic, and sometimes delicate piece of work presented in seven movements. The movements are colors representing emotion – Liking (Green), Sadness (Blue/Green), Anger (Red), Disliking (Orange), Joy (Yellow), Fear (Pink/Purple, and Love (Deep Purple), all represented on the album artwork as a color wheel.

The movements feel like the emotions they are named after, perfectly executed with ambient sensibilities reminiscent of Brian Eno’s early work on Music For Airports, Music For Films, etc. Lush looping synths that are layered to perfection and, for some reason, never sound or feel the same way twice.

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Buy Album HERE 

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