The essence of Neurotic Funk. I started learning a little bit about Lacan via my analyst and his central tenet of jouissance – an obsessional drive verging on the masochistic. It made a lot of sense in the context of my musical process – repeating a musical phrase ad nauseam until it’s just ‘right’ for the song. 

It is of course ‘pleasurable’ as the word relates, but there’s a bit of discomfort in getting to that point. Funk doesn’t come easy. 


“I read this term somewhere, describing The Current Times. It felt right a few years ago, and feels even more right today. 

Everything is fucking turbo, like we’re just at warp speed capitalism / content / crisis mode and it’s impossible to switch out of it. Is a jaunty jazz-funk number the soundtrack to this experience? 

As my friend Michael Renassia puts it, “let’s funk with hope”. 


“This one was a very natural, joyous writing day with Damon ‘DāM-FunK’ Riddick in Culver City. I had this great instrumental that I’d put together at home with drummer Graeme Pogson, and it felt like a sweet groove for DāM to lay out his best Steve Arrington-flavoured vocal lines. 

He started improvising these lines about ‘keeping that love inside’, but had to check half-way through whether we were talking “about a girl, or about Society”? 

I loved that – is this a ‘personal’ or ‘big picture’ kind of anthem? When you’re dealing with DāM – the most positive man on the planet – why not go ‘big picture’…”

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