Alexander Robotnick is set to unveil the third album in his Simple Music series on 1 March, on his own Hot Elephant Music label.

The album, Kind of…. Robotnick, features eight tracks, five of which are instrumentals, and which showcase the electronic disco sound that the Italian producer is synonymous with.

A few days ago, Robotnick published one of the new tracks, What You Think Of Me, on YouTube, which features the man himself, decked out in beret and sunglasses – very electro.

909originals caught up with Robotnick in late 2022 as he kicked off the Simple Music series, where we spoke about his career to date, including the 1983 crossover hit Problèmes D’Amour, that helped make him a household name.

“Yes, it definitely was a surprise to me,” he says of the track’s longevity – it’s still cited by artists to this day. “I was convinced it was a good track, but it was so off the main trend of the time, including Italo, that I couldn’t expect it to become a hit. Only when I connected to the Internet did I realise how much influence I had in electronic dance music.

“Of course I still perform it live. Why not? It’s a good song and I always have fun singing it. As to being odd – well I think that all my music is a bit like that.”

Alexander Robotnick – Kind of… Robotnick is released on 1 March on Hot Elephant Music.


1 – Moving Light
2 – Roboroder
3 – A Tech House in Nilwella
4 – Frenzy Games
5 – Lipstick
6 – What You Think of Me
7 – Kiss Me Love Goodbye
8 – Rounding About

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