One of the most unique avant-ambient albums of the year, Milan is a bracing and expansive collaboration between generations of musical adventurers.

Conceived and led by Detroit-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Alister Fawnwoda (who has previously worked with Detroit techno icon Omar S), the project includes major contributions from legendary 5 time Grammy-nominated synthesizer pioneer Suzanne Ciani (who was recently featured prominently in the acclaimed documentary ‘Sisters With Transistors’), and Grammy-winning pedal steel maestro Greg Leisz.

The album was produced by Sonny DiPerri, whose long list of credits includes Portugal The Man, Lord Huron, Animal Collective, and Dirty Projectors. Completing this dream team of experimental fellow travelers is celebrated Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota, who created the enigmatic artwork for the release. Intuitively tracing a slowly evolving journey through time, Milan is deep listening music reminiscent of some of the best work of Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Pauline Oliveros, not to mention the more meditative moments of Aphex Twin, The KLF’s epochal ‘Chill Out’ album and the Kranky Records catalog.

The album is released by AKP Recordings, an imprint of Dangerbird Records launched in 2020 as a creative hub that encourages artists to engage the unknown through experimental music and visual art. The label has released albums by Jason Lytle, John Herndon, Randy Randall, Tim Rutilli, and the art studio Arthur King.

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