All Day I Dream has delivered its annual ‘Summer Sampler.’ Equipped to provide Dreamers worldwide with a blissful soundtrack for warm days outdoors, the 12-piece offering comprises of new works from Lost Desert, Vince Watson, OXIA, Luka Sambe, Slow Hearts, M.O.S, Pippi Ciez, Maxi Degrassi, Madras, Jaahn, and more. 

Much like the warmth and brightness of the season, the tracks of ‘Summer Sampler’ are bound by vibrant instrumentation, soft pads, and enchanting vocal accents. It oozes with the languid, melodic aesthetic that defines the All Day I Dream sound. 

This year’s rendition of the ‘Summer Sampler’ sees notable entries from global heavyweights. French hitmaker OXIA joins the All Day I Dream fold for the first time with a subdued, yet rhythmic composition “Shadows,” which he co-wrote with Yannick Baudino. Longtime house stalwart and Bio Music labelhead Vince Watson also makes his debut with a percussive “Qiriwana,” which he outfits with violin riffs and orchestral stabs. Lost & Found and Sudbeat veteran Luka Sambe slides in with “To The Timeless,” which listens like a twist on Balearic sonics with guitar accents and jazz-influenced woodwind parts. 

An All Day I Dream ‘Summer Sampler’ wouldn’t be complete without bringing on some of the label’s closest family members. Lee Burridge album collaborator Lost Desert follows up his most recent ‘Lost Desert & Friends’ installment with the Simon Vuarambon and Hermanez-assisted “Moon By Day”—a dynamic piece with sweeping string sections and classic synth elements. Pippi Ciez contributes a slice of bliss with “Evergreen,” which is filled with cheery melodies and bright instrumentation. M.O.S, Slow Hearts, and Maxi Degrassi additionally make their return to the label with “Na Vode Luna Igraet,” “Shimia,” and “In The Light Of Laughter.”

The compilation’s ethos of allowing rising talent to shine also persists. Seven Villas signee Draso makes his label debut with the string and piano-focused  “Nebo” alongside label All Day I Dream second-timer Bona Fide. Madraas and Eduardo McGregor bring a hint of melancholia into the collection with “Searching The Sun.” Jaanh’s “Natural Foods”—a sought after set weapon in Lee Burridge’s collection—entrances with complex drum patterns and soft vocals. Finally, scene newcomer AlbePt shows early expertise in the polished “Evening Mood.”

‘Summer Sampler’ serves as a strong accompaniment to All Day I Dream’s continued 10th birthday celebrations and its awaited return to the live event space after a two year hiatus. The party is in the thick of its globe-spanning summer tour, having reprised its Mykonos and Ibiza residencies while recently conjuring smiles in New York, London, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Equally strong is the label’s 2021 release schedule, which has seen solo records from Lee Burridge and Sébastien Léger, a new Gorje Hewek album, the second ‘Lost Desert & Friends,’ and more. 

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