All Day I Dream

World renown, glove-trotting DJ/producer Lee Burridge started his All Day I Dream label back in 2011, and has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the United States. 

Focusing heavily on the events side of the music, All Day I Dream’s daytime parties offers something that most other events in the space do not. 

Where most dance music events are an exhibition in black-t-shirt-men, flashing strobes, and all eyes fixated on the DJ booth, Lee Burridge’s parties are bedecked in fairly lights, Asian lanterns, and a sense of community unobtainable by any other sound. 

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With All Day I Dream’s festival just days away, we had a chance to sit down with Lee’s close friend and label manager to All Day I Dream, Philip Soeffker, to dive into the deeper history of All Day I Dream, Lee Burridge, and the sound that revolutionized the world’s assumptions of dance music. 

What Is All Day I Dream?

All Day I Dream has grown over the past decade to be more than just a record label or live event series; it truly is a community that revolves around something that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

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