Sorza, real name Roeland van Rijnberk, has put out his debut solo album on Alpha Pup.

I IDENTIFY started as a way for the Dutch artist to process a difficult period in his life. April of last year wasn’t a great time for him and we’re told that there were various personal circumstances added on top of the pandemic that made it all quite hard. So he gravitated towards music as a way to express all of this. He didn’t actually consciously make an album, but it just started flowing out and the record almost wrote itself.

“I was in a really weird headspace and I definitely wouldn’t say that it felt very good, but on the flip side I have never felt more connected to the music I made before. I could fully express myself through audio,” he recalled in an interview to Headbang Society. “I think it worked out very well, you can definitely hear that the music comes from a place of struggle. Fortunately, it doesn’t just fully stay inside that dark world. There are also very hopeful and redeeming moments within it”

Across 12 tracks, Sorza combines raw beats and high level production. There are no lyrics, but each track expresses a range of negative feelings and how these can affect your view on the world around you.

Little is known about Sorza, other than that he discovered bass music through Noisia, and more recently he’s gotten interested in raw production styles, and also the music of Tsuruda and Shades. He began producing with Jozef van der Veen as The Outsiders, a DJ-production duo based in Leiden, The Netherlands.


01. Creating An Oasis
02. Ego Dissolution
03. Augmented Reality
04. Lucid Disconnect
05. Perceptionist
06. Rotten In Silver
07. Catharsis
08. The Surroundings Are Changing
09. An Oasis Is Created

I IDENTIFY LP is available now. You can order it here and stream it in full below.

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