Rising electronic music star Anfisa Letyago has announced the release of a melodic new single, Haze, on her own N:S:DA label.

Released on 21 June, the new single is the result of a journey that started during the pandemic with her Listen EP (released in January 2021), “when I had so much time to sit down and think over my evolution as an artist, what my next steps would have been,” she explains.

“I had time to process all the influences and thoughts that have shaped my artistic vision over time, and Haze is the expression of this process. The Club version is the last piece of the puzzle of this project and it represents the connecting link between my latest artistic version and the dancefloor, which is the ground on which I perform every week and make connections with the audience.”

Letyago’s N:S:DA label was formed in 2021, a year in which she released both the Listen and Nisida EPs, which in turn were backed by remix packages featuring the likes of Chris Liebing, Calibre, DJ Tennis, DJ Seinfeld and Michael Mayer.

As well as her own label, he has released on imprints such as Kompakt, Rekids, and Deutsche Grammophon (on which she released her remix of Moby’s Go earlier this year), and most recently, Mute Records, where she dropped a remix of 10 West by Chris Liebing and Ralf Hildenbeutel last month.

You can purchase/stream Anfisa Letyago – Haze here.

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