Answer Code Request, Setaoc Mass, and Etapp Kyle are among the names to have contributed to a various artist compilation to raise money for the people of Ukraine in their ongoing war with Russia.

The release, compiled by Julian Muller over at U4E in Brussels, Belgium spans 20 tracks. Featuring, besides the names above, are Rebekah, Tommy Four Seven, Marcel Dettmann, and many more.

“After speaking with some friends on the ground, it came in my face that they need donations as soon as possible to support them defending their country and their life,” Muller tells XLR8R. “For this reason, I contacted artists to be part of a fundraiser compilation. After two days of work we managed to get it out quickly.”

All funds raised by the release will be donated to Save Life with a weekly recap of the donations available over here, on Instagram.

Alongside the release, there’s the following text: “In support of Ukraine. The people have shown extraordinary courage, but the reality on the ground is that they are in urgent need of funds to keep defending their country and have a chance to save their lives.


01. Answer Code Request & Jan Wagner “For U”
02. Cressida “Morning Echo”
03. Ben Klock “Putout”
04. Phara “Fix”
05. Answer Code Request “Light”
06. Parallx “Ikarus”
07. Christoph Faust “Wake Up Now”
08. Chlär “Yellow and Blue”
09. Marco Bailey “Insert”
10. Fadi Mohem “Supply”
11. Tommy Four Seven “UKR”
12. Marcel Dettmann “Formula”
13. D. Carbone “Something in Your Eyes”
14. MRD “Higher”
15. Partiboi69 “Dazed”
16. Raär “Login”
17. Rebekah “Unsanctioned”
18. Setaoc Mass “Standing”
19. Julian Muller “Answer”
20. Etapp Kyle “Back to Artek”

Support Ukraine is available now. Buy it here, with a donation.

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