Mentorship applications are now open for year two of the Freeform Forum programme, launched by the energy drink brand, Relentless. The initiative, designed to empower young, rebellious creators to break through industry barriers, will offer 12 young creatives between the ages of 18-25 the chance to learn how to push their creative boundaries and forge their career paths without limits, directly from leading music industry mentors. 

This year’s programme, in collaboration with global creative studio network Pirate Studios, welcomes a new lineup of pioneering mentors. Each brings invaluable experience in disrupting the creative norm and carving their own path within the music industry. Spearheading the initiative is MOBO-nominated rapper, AntsLive, visionary dance music DJ and community studio founder Sherelle, all-round visual creative Ayshe Zaefoglu (AZ), and Burna Boy’s favourite film director Troy Roscoe. 

The Freeform Forum mentors will be matched with three aspiring creatives within their field, guiding them through the completion of a creative project over the three-month programme (July-October). Each mentor will draw on their experiences of navigating the industry as creative outsiders, offering one-to-one guidance on how to creatively stand out and avoid being forced into restrictive industry norms. The mentorship programme, which aims to help level the playing field for emerging creatives by empowering them to play by their own rules, will also offer mentees access to in-person meet-ups and networking sessions, skill development workshops and tailored creative and technical advice, to help participants turn their creative into fully fledged live projects. 

As part of the programme, applicants can sign up to take part in one of four creative categories:

  • “Music Artist” – with AntsLive: For the stage performers, songwriters, or budding artists eager to learn topics such as stage presence, crafting an EP, and mastering your flow. 
  • “Music Production” – with Sherelle: For the beatmakers, mixers, and those looking to master both fields; Sherelle will be passing on her broad expertise, tailored towards projects such as creating an EP, or launching a mix-series.
  • “Creative” – with AZ: For all those interested in visual storytelling; think photography, illustration and creative direction. Using budget-friendly digital tools and editing advice, mentees will be able to learn practical skills on how to build a stand-out brand & portfolio. 
  • “Filmmaking” – with Troy Roscoe: For any aspiring directors in music. Those wanting to take their music videos to the next level can learn the ins and outs of producing compelling visuals, from editing skills to honing that creative vision for a particular artist. 

The programme will conclude with one mentee receiving a £10,000 fund to help support their creative future and realise their visions. The winner will be appointed through a careful selection process, with one defining criteria; the project which pushes the most creative boundaries, bringing to life the very ethos of Freeform Forum. 

When asked about the programme, AntsLive commented, “Freeform Forum is for people who want to rip up the rule book and create something totally unique and different. I’m looking forward to taking my mentees through what this means to me as an artist, and how this can help them on their creative journey in the music industry.” 

This year, the Freeform Forum goes beyond mentorship with the new addition of a live-and-direct Discord chat forum. Open to the public, the forum encourages discussions, peer learning, and networking, helping to create a supportive community of like-minded individuals for creative exchange and inspiration. Elsewhere on the site, the ‘Skills Hub’, offers money-can’t-buy insights and practical tips from mentors and partners (including Pirate Studios) to navigate industry challenges, as well as tips specific to each creative category, such as creating a budget studio set at home, and where to get experience performing live. 

The Freeform Forum is part of a wider Relentless ‘Freeform’ banner, set up to support subcultural scenes and champion creative freedom. This year, the platform will bring to life personal projects by AntsLive and Sherelle and play a supporting role at Notting Hill Carnival and within the UK grassroots music scene. 

For information about the Freeform Forum and to submit your application before the 26th of June, please visit 

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