Alliance is the German musician’s fourth album, following 2019’s Hands Rest, also on Ki Records. It sees him retreating from his recent experimentations with avant-garde pop back into the world of deep, and often dark, electronica.

As impressive sonically as it is technically, Aparde used a mixture of electronic sounds, analogue equipment and his own voice either as a sound element or lyrical component to explore this duality of sound.

‘This album was about focusing on something that calmed me and took me away from reality’, says Aparde. ‘Even though the album focuses on electronic equipment, the music cannot be danced to, the tracks have a ruminant, even haunting rhythm. I wanted to make the tracks with more room to breathe between the atmosphere and the silence. There are fewer elements but more impact, I think.’

Know You, the album’s first single, starts off closed-off and dark, but concludes yielding to the pressure and softening. Aparde’s hushed voice shines through the shadows, melancholic, but also warm. Despite the track‘s focus on electronic gear the track has a ruminative pace, brooding even. Aparde brings listeners deep into his soul, a soul that is at times conflicted and agitated and at times low-key and solemn.


1. Locked
2. Allies
3. Unfamiliar
4. Lined
5. The Shift
6. Hole
7. Know You
8. End

Album release date: 28.05.2021. Preorder

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