Apple Music launches ‘Early Hours’ — a brand new DJ Mix Series featuring exclusive mixes dropping bi-weekly from a range of notable artists spanning genres and regions. The series kicks off with an inaugural mix from singer, songwriter, and producer Arlo Parks. 

Early Hours can mean a few different things: Are you coming down from being up all night, or are you just rising to meet the sun? To introduce the Early Hours DJ mix series, Arlo Parks took the former route: “I envision this as winding down at the end of the night with a cup of tea and some popcorn,” she tells Apple Music. 

“You’re reflecting on the day that’s just passed and dreaming of what’s to come.” To assemble such a set, Parks gets herself into just the right frame of mind. “I light a candle, I meditate… try and mingle rarities with more familiar songs,” she says of her wide-ranging selection of laidback tracks, spanning Ben Folds Five and Radiohead through to electronic experimenters Vegyn and Dean Blunt. “The aim is to soothe, so I have to enter into that headspace myself.” 

Of a couple of her favourites, she says, “I chose ‘Holding On’ by Tirzah because there’s such a warmth to the drum palette and her voice has this very particular emotional nonchalance. Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou’s ‘Homesickness’ is a song I’ll put on on my way back from the studio, and I always feel like I’m floating away when I hear those chords.”

Listen to Arlo Parks’ full Early Hours mix exclusively on Apple Music at and check back every two weeks for new additions to the series.

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