Montreal-based funk/R&B/soul sensation Shay Lia is unearthing a whole universe of playlist opportunities and we are here for it… Long haul! 

Known for her velvet-smooth voice and unmistakeable future-funk sound, Shay Lia is making her mark in the music world with one dance-inducing number at a time.

Spotted by her cult following during her early Soundcloud releases and later known by the majority as we see her collaborate with the likes of Kaytranada, Shay Lia’s multi-cultured background has influenced the music some may now identify as the hallmark sound of Shoreditch, London and other metro cities alike. 

If you’re a fan of genre-bending artists like Kaytranada, check this out! 

And while Shay Lia is undeniably unique, we’ve lined up some like-minded artists who we feel resemble her sound in some way. Let’s delve in…

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Where Is Shay Lia From? 

Shay Lia was born in France and raised in East African Djibouti. In 2012 she moved to Montreal for studies and continues to reside there until this day. 

What Genre of music is Shay Lia’s?

Shay Lia’s sound is a combination of R&B and Soul with reoccurring hints of Future-Funk popping into the equation. It also delves into the French Urban Pop/R&B category and often makes its way into the Afrobeats genre. 

What Is Shay Lia’s Latest EP Release Called?

An escapist’s dream, Shay Lia’s latest EP is titled ‘Solaris’ and was released in 2020. The EP is comprised of 5 tracks and is, to quote Lia, “…is a place you can go… A state of mind” 

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