Inspired by the revival of DJ Misjah & DJ Tim’s ‘Access’ through Joris Voorn’s reimagination of the 1995 classic, the fifth and final episode of the ‘Armada Music 20 Years Classics’ documentary series explores the origin and recent resurgence of the rave hit. In the episode, DJ Misjah and DJ Tim dive deep into how the original record was made – and why the Roland TB-303 played such a huge role – plus how Joris Voorn’s remix introduced the track to a new generation, and how it became one of the favourite records of rising star KI/KI.  

‘Armada Music: 20 Years Classics’ pays homage to dance music’s rich history and aims to educate a new generation of fans. Currently available to stream via Armada Music’s YouTube channel, Armada Music TV, you can read more about the documentary series specially commissioned for the label’s 20th anniversary here.  

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