An hour-long conversation and thousands of words exchanged between us, these simple few still hang on my mind days after sitting down with Moby. Here I ruminate on how the meaning of a term like ‘public capacity’ can shift over the course of a single career and how it may come to affect the artistic integrity of an entire industry.

How were such phrases like ‘artistic integrity’ and ‘public capacity’ back when Moby first cut his teeth and gained initial success different than what it is now? Because back then, Moby would anxiously hustle down the street to see how the latest print magazine deemed his own artistic integrity and authenticity.

Compare that to the reality where similar critiques are mere inches away behind the black mirrors of our phones and laptops. Compulsory or not, any artists at a similar stage today would consider Moby’s era a luxury; to have no other option than to keep your addiction to public perception tucked away behind the counter of a news kiosk blocks away from your apartment. Moby, while doing his best to not sound like an ‘old-cranky-guy,’ will be the first to admit this as well. 

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