Recently, Gary Beck and Klaudia Gawlas released their collab EP, Sakura, a banging three-tracker of no-frills techno. Big kick drums, straightforward percussion, and thick atmospheres help create a release perfect for the club or festival. To find out more about both the release itself and their collaborative process, we invited them to interview each other for another installment of Artists Asking Artists. 

Klaudia asks Gary:

Gary Beck

Gary Beck

How was working with me? Did you enjoy it?

It was a pleasure! I have always enjoyed the times when we play together, and I feel the positive energy came across in the tracks. We often play in a similar style, so I felt collaboration was the natural thing to do.

How did the tracks work on the dance floor when you played it for the first time?

Bombs!! They work so well, especially ‘Treasure’. It’s the kind of tool track that can be played at any point in a set. It really gets the crowd moving. I also feel ‘Sakura’ will be in my sets for a very long time. It’s slightly more hypnotic and works really well at the right moment.

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