Australian scene-shaper Godlands continued her hot streak on Monstercat today, teaming up with UK bass tastemaker Tisoki for their new single, “TELL ME.” Arriving as the second record off her forthcoming EP set for June, the explosive tune is a synergistic blend of the two producers’ pioneering styles. Rife with aggressive kicks and screeching synths, the pair flex their bass house sensibilities in perfect form, leaving listeners hoping this won’t be their last collab.

We invited the two for a fun and insightful chat about the record, being a music producer, and what kinds of plants they would be. 


Godlands: What do you wish people knew about being a producer?

Tisoki: That it’s pretty mentally demanding. It’s just “sitting at a laptop” from most people’s perspective but the amount of mental gymnastics and willpower that goes into it is one of the toughest parts in my opinion.

Godlands: Do you ever worry about the ever-changing scene and adhere to what is popular? Do you feel the need to fit in with what’s popular at the time or keep producing what you’re known for?

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