Ben Böhmer is a German electronic music production hailing from Berlin whose deep, sentimental, and heart-string pulling releases have captivated audiences enough to catapult him to stardom in only a few years’ time. 

Alongside his debut album, Breathing, that was released on Anjunadeep, Ben Böhmer has also had a string of releases of massive labels such as Future Classic and Hungry Music. 

And while Ben Böhmer’s sound has a certain signature quality to it, he is by no means the only producer making a name for themselves behind int he world of melodic, organic, and progressive house. 

And if you’re a fan of Böhmer and want to discover more artists in his niche than this list has you covered. 

Here Are The Top 9 artists Who Sound Like Ben Böhmer. 

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What Genre Of Music Does Ben Böhmer Play?

The majority of Ben Böhmer’s releases would be categorized under the genre of progressive house

Progressive House found its start in the late 90s when the rave scene was dominated by distonal synth shots and break-beat rhythms. Progressive house was a direct counter to the, as progressive house focused more on the melodies of the track than on the founding rhythms. 

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