Formed in Nashville, Tennessee, Indie Pop group COIN has been hot on the rise and isn’t stopping anytime soon. In March they released their most recent, and adventurous album yet, Uncanny Valley, which includes hit singles “Cutie” and “Chapstick”. 

Coin has way of making upbeat, dance music that tells a story, often focusing on the human experience. They focus on things such as loss, connection, love, confusion, and just understanding what it means to live and experience life.  

If you’ve never listened to COIN before you’re missing out and if you have listened to them and are looking for some new artists to fixate over, these 9 will be sure to do the trick. 

9 Artists Similar to COIN

“Talk Too Much” is COIN’s most popular song with close to a whopping  225,500,000 streams on Spotify alone. Between its catchy lyrics and dancy beat, it’s definitely their most popular song for a reason.  

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