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Sloan Struble, otherwise known to fans as Dayglow is an Indie-Pop singer and producer. The Texas native broke out into stardom with the release of his hit song “Can I Call You Tonight?” in 2018. His debut album Fuzzybrain also houses “Hot Rod”, another popular song. 

In 2021 Dayglow released his sophomore album Harmony House, which did not disappoint. Dayglow is able to draw inspiration from 70’s and 80’s music and turn it into a modern take on classic upbeat dance music, providing fans with this sense of nostalgia and freedom. His third album, People in Motion is set to release on October 7th of this year, but if you can’t wait til then here are 9 artists that will hold you over. 

9 Artists Similar to Dayglow

Goth Babe
Peach Pit
Kid Bloom
Hippo Campus
Christian Leave
Bad Suns
Briston Maroney
Tim Atlas

Dayglow’s most popular song is “Can I Call You Tonight?” with over 4,000,000 streams on Spotify and the music video racking in close to 99,000,000 views on YouTube. 

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