Baltimore, Maryland native Dijon is an R&B musician and producer whose soulful voice brings both comfort and pain to listeners. With every lyric, Dijon is able to capture an audience with everything he’s saying, making them take in and truly feel every word. 

Dijon’s music gives a feeling of remembrance almost. This is captured on his 2020 EP, How Do You Feel About Getting Married?. He’s able to make us feel like we are experiencing and reminiscing these memories and moments with him, something that is very rare to find. If you are looking for artists that will make you feel pain, love, and everything else in between just like Dijon does, then these 10 are perfect for you. 

10 Artists Similar to Dijon 

Omar Apollo
bLAck party
Kevin Abstract
Orion Sun
Dreamer Boy

Dijon’s most popular song is “Skin” with over 74,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

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Dijon said that he loves Science Fiction so he thought it would be funny. He also says that the song “Lace” is a tribute to Smog’s song  “Teenage Spaceship”

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