Feed Me is an electronic dance artist who hails from English county Hertfordshire.

The man behind the Feed Me moniker is Jon Gooch. Gooch started making music under the name Feed Me in 2008, releasing Feed Me’s first album, Feed Me’s Big Adventure, in 2010. Prior to that, he used the moniker Spor

See those iconic teeth paired with a killer drop in Feed Me’s official “Cott’s Face” vid.

Yeah… Feed Me slays. 

But, as the name suggests, Feed Me fans are bound to become hungry for more. Continue on for more teeth-sinkingly satisfying artists!

Magnetic exclusive: Feed Me breaks down his very own sixth album track by track.

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What Genre is Feed Me?

Feed Me makes electronic and dance tunes.

Side note: here’s Magnetic’s punchy take on why you should stop calling EDM EDM.

Is Feed Me Deadmau5?

…no. What? Why would Feed Me be Deadmau5?

Let’s set the record straight: Jon Gooch is Feed Me. Joel Thomas Zimmerman is Deadmau5. Yes, they both craft sick electronic tracks. Yes, they’ve collaborated. Yes, Feed Me has released music through Deadmau5’s label, Mau5trap.

No, that doesn’t mean they’re the same person.

Got it? Good.

Who is Spor DNB?

Spor is a moniker used by Jon Gooch for drum and bass tunes. 

Jon Gooch is also the man behind Feed Me. But, remember—Feed Me is not Deadmau5. And Spor is not Deadmau5. And Jon Gooch is not Deadmau5. And Feed Me is… kind of Spor…?

Okay—we’ve lost ourselves at this point.

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