Gorillaz is known for producing top-notch rock/alt/hip hop/rap/electronic beats. This “virtual band” defies genre-grounding gravity.

Animated Gorillaz band members include lead singer 2-D, percussionist Russell Hobbs, guitarist Noodle, and bassist Murdoc Niccals.

Real-world creatives Damon Albarn, a musician, and Jamie Hewlett, an artist, formed Gorillaz in 1998. Since then, they’ve collaborated with A-list artists, including Beck, Tony Allen, Elton John, Skepta, Kano, and St. Vincent.

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10 Artists Similar to Gorillaz

The Avalanches
The Neighbourhood
Jack Stauber
Cage the Elephant
Declan McKenna
Glass Animals

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Did The Gorillaz Break Up?

Thankfully: No!

One of Albarn and Hewlett’s representatives has been quoted as saying the following:

“Despite rumors to the contrary, Gorillaz are alive and well and misbehaving in London W10.”

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