JAWNY (A.K.A. Johnny Utah) (A.A.K.A. Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger) cranks out bangers. 

His alternative, indie-pop-meets-slacker-rock music is funky, fresh, and vibey. You can’t go wrong putting a JAWNY tune on. In fact, anyone who wants to play JAWNY definitely deserves the aux.

JAWNY started guitar at six years old. The San Francisco native began to write songs as a teen, and he later dropped out of a college nursing program to focus on making tunes. For a time, JAWNY earned his keep by managing a New Jersey pizzeria.

Now, on Spotify, he’s garnered 3 million monthly listeners. His song “Honeypie” has been streamed over 200 million times.

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Where is JAWNY from?

JAWNY is from Fairfield, California.

Fairfield is a part of California’s San Francisco Bay Area.

What happened to Doja and JAWNY?

Doja Cat and JAWNY began dating publicly in September 2019. News of their breakup surfaced in February of 2020.

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