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C/O Artist

If you haven’t heard of Mickey Darling, here’s a quick rundown. Mickey Darling is an Indie-Pop duo consisting of San Antonio natives, Skyler Molina and Austin Medrano. Molina sings lead vocals and handles creative direction, while Medrano plays all the instruments and records. 

The duo has a very D.I.Y. type of creative style, not taking themselves too seriously, but in the best way. The whole point of music is to be able to express oneself creatively, something Mickey Darling does exceptionally well.  

Doing weird and outlandish things, is something Mickey Darling is not stranger to, but it works for the music. Their upbeat, fun dance music is perfect for any occasion and is an instant mood booster and just like them, these 9 artists will be sure to give you that same dopamine rush. 

9 Artists Similar To Mickey Darling 

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Mickey Darling’s most famous song is “Reverse Cowgirl”, racking in over 8,500,000 streams on Spotify and the music video has close to 50,000 views. 

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