Luzana Flores, better known by her stage name OLAN, released her first solo album Contra in June 2022. The Georgia-based DJ has a prolific songwriting career, which began in collaboration with other artists. 

She joined Anjuna when she began collaborating with Mat Zo on “Illusion of Depth”, and went on to help write and produce famous tracks such as “BUSSIT” by Ari Lennox and Dreamville. She has also collaborated with fellow Anjunabeats artist Nourey on unforgettable tracks such as “In Motion.”

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According to her website, OLAN began writing Contra as a response to the precarity of the pandemic and the uncertainty of the future. Contra, her first solo album, features OLAN’s signature psychedelic deep-house style, with both calm ambient beats and energetic dance tracks. 

The Atlanta based producer loves to create hypnotic and layered soundscapes. If you can’t get enough of Contra, check out these artists who sound like OLAN from Anjunabeats.

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