Parker Day  

Parker Day  

Oliver Tree is an Indie Pop singer, producer and comedian. Known for his outlandish and wild personality and signature bowl cut, Oliver Tree makes music will make any long car ride feel tolerable or any study session just a little fun. 

Oliver Tree has this unique quality about him that makes him different from other performers now, not just through his look, but through his creativity. Not only is his music unlike anything out there, but his videos are as well, it’s very clear to the viewer just how much thought he puts into the work he is putting out there to entertain fans.  

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Did Oliver Tree Break a World Record? 


On May 19th, 2020 Oliver tree broke the record for largest kick scooter at 4.16 m (13 ft 7.9 in) tall and 3.13 m (10 ft 3.6 in) long in Los Angeles, California.   

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